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Our training programs help companies assure a consistent and productive customer experience that reflects their brand and their financial objectives.

Sales Recruiting

Finding and selecting the right sales professional for your needs is very complex and time consuming. And of course, nothing is more expensive and frustrating than hiring the wrong talent.

Benchmark’s proprietary video interview structure will help you identify the best candidates–saving you time and making it easy to select the right talent for your role.

Once hiring managers watch the candidate videos and review the customized report, they won’t hire the old way again!

Sales Coaching

Research shows that all sales talent can recognize a productivity increase from consistent sales coaching.  Whether you’re taking your top tier-team to the next level, or coaching up mid-level team members, Benchmark Sales Coaching will provide tangible results that will impact your bottom line.

Ramp-up Training

Once you’ve selected the right talent, you want them to start producing as quickly as possible.  Benchmark’s SalesCORE™ learning management system (LMS) reduces ramp-up time with university based and field-tested online sales training.

Need a more tailored ramp-up approach? Benchmark can create a customized multi-day training course specific to your company’s needs.

Sales Structure Design

To make the most of your investment in human capital, the entire sales team structure must be aligned to maximize efforts.

This includes the level of sales talent needed, the commission structure, prospecting strategy, KPI’s, pipeline design, and territory design for your specific market strategy.

Let’s talk about developing your sales team to reach maximum potential.

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