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  • My experience with Benchmark Training and Ben Hippeli has been so wonderful! Life-changing to say the least. Speaking with Ben for just a short time has given me the confidence and drive to take control of my future. Ben was very pleasant, intelligent and understanding and a great person to talk to in general. I only had one coaching session but it was such an important session for me. I am a recent college graduate and my coaching session has helped me envision and plan my future with family and my career. I am so very lucky to have gotten this life-changing experience. Thank you Ben!

    thumb Zhanaire Reid

    Ben & Justin are amazing at handling growth and development for business professionals. The Benchmark DISC training has not only helped take my sales skills to the next level, but it has also helped me in my personal life working with my 3 & 1 yr old boys. Thanks again to the Benchmark team collaborating with Crowley to develop the best sales team in logistics with continuing education always being a priority!

    thumb Zachary Buda

    It was an extremely practical course. Very well focused and condensed the material, techniques and tools that were presented.

    thumb Mario Pleitez
  • Benchmark Training has provided me the best training courses I have ever received. From personal interactions to virtual learning it is a 10/10 across the board. Thank you Justin, Ben, and Ari!! You guys are superstars.

    thumb Kai Pelham

    As a new sales leader for my organization I felt that I had an over-reliance on process and playbooks to try and help my team succeed. What I hadn't considered is that the best playbook or process in the world won't help someone that doesn't have the soft skills to implement that playbook. Ben's style of coaching and insight into the skills necessary to make people successful have been invaluable to me and I have enjoyed our conversations immensely. Ben has been a sounding board for me to bounce idea's off and his focus on "productive interactions" have helped me turn difficult situations into productive ones with tangible outcomes. If you or your organization want to take your sales team to the next level have a conversation with Ben, I promise you won't be disappointed.

    thumb Chris Allen

    Benchmark helped us refine our sales process and get our entire team on the same page— highly recommend.

    thumb Gemma
  • Great experience! The team was able to enhance and develop even further their sales skills.

    thumb Janet Ramos

    Justin, Ben, and Ari do a great job. I feel like I have grown so much personally and professionally over the past 2 years.

    thumb HUNTER GRAY

    I wish would have taken this course years ago! In this course we do not only review the sales process but also how to adapt it based on the human behavior. Its not only important to apply the selling techniques we learned in the course but most importantly is to be able to identify when and how to apply them. Ben and Justin are just incredible individuals that transform lives in every interaction.

    thumb Joan Puig
  • By far one of the best training courses I have taken. The open discussion really made it a difference in learning and understanding the material. Justin and Ari were very responsive throughout the course and had so much patience with the group.

    thumb Lilly Berrios

    Benchmark provides fresh, refreshing, and innovative sales training that leads to company success. I am motivated implementing what I have learned. This training will be a differentiator at Crowley. Thanks to Ben Hippeli for this new training and his support throughout the course.

    thumb Vanessa Alvarez

    I've been working with the Benchmark team for the last 9 months and can honestly say I've never had so much dynamic insight and incredibly useful guidance, support and advice from any Sales Coach before. Ben is an absolute genius and I'm genuinely proud to be able to work with him. I can directly correlate the uplift in our sales performance with the time we began working together and this is continuing on a positive trajectory - we are winning more business than before and winning prospects that, potentially without Ben and Benchmark's coaching and being directly involved advising me within the sales process, we would not have won the client. Highly Recommended.

    thumb Max Kent
  • My team and I were fortunate to take the Sales Objections Course with Benchmark Training. It doesn't matter if you have been in sales one day or 20 years, strengthening skills keeps you marketable and relatable in the ever changing market. Benchmark Training you nailed it! We are better because of your training, expertise and superior coaching.

    thumb Sarah Carter

    The Benchmark Training was a great experience for me, it has helped me develop my communication skills to ensure that my customers understand the products and services offered. Thank you Ben and Justin.

    thumb Johani Vazquez

    I've been working with Ben for a little over 2 years and I can honestly say it has changed my sales career. The initial group training we had from Ben and the Benchmark team was tailored to our company and structured over the course of several months with weekly sessions, this provided everyone with the insight into the inner workings of the sales cycle and once the strategies were implemented and put into practise, it was easy to see the success they delivered to the whole team. Ben and I have weekly strategy calls to discuss deals that I am working through which have proved to be incredibly valuable and instrumental in me working with many large accounts. Generally it can be extremely annoying when a person has an answer for every question you have, but not in this case! When I'm out of ideas Ben instantly has a solution for an issue I might be experiencing with the deals I'm working through. Ben's a great coach and more importantly a good person and Its an absolute pleasure working with him, I cannot recommend him highly enough!

    thumb Iain Cresswell

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