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Profound Results When Team Members Are Treated Differently.

As leaders, understanding the natural communication style of each team member is game changing.  And that’s because it increases team connectivity and functionality.  Knowing your em
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Three Ingredients to Being Successful in Sales

In a world of information overload, it’s easy to find the “7 Magic Steps to Financial Freedom”, or the “10 Most Important Attributes of a Great Sales Person”, but the real challeng
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Three Ingredients You Needd For Success

Should You Hire a Job Hopper?

In some cases, you may even be tempted to actually hire someone who has hopped from one company to another every year because they did well in the initial screening. The truth is, a lot
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5 Steps for Successful Sales Hiring

The single most important decision you’ll make as a sales manager is making sure you have the right players on your team. As tempting as it can be to hire the candidate that simply “felt
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Is Sales In Your DNA?

Are sales professionals born with a specific sales gene, or are sales professionals nurtured, trained, and honed into unstoppable closing machines? Over the past twenty plus years we’ve wo
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Sharpen Your Skills and Multiply Your Efforts

If you’ve worked in the same sales role for more than a year, then by now you should be getting the hang of things. You should have a handle on your presentations and common objections, on
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Use The F-BOMB To Blast Your Career Ahead

Click HERE to watch the video Okay, so it’s not what you’re thinking. We’re not referring to the four letter word you may scream out when you hit your thumb with a hammer. We’re refe
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Rule #1, Be a Good Listener

We see this situation all too often; a company brings in a product expert to train the sales team on the new product lines rolling out next year, and the sales person is instantly ready to s
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How to Sell More of Anything

Hopefully by now you’re aware of the feature/benefit technique commonly used during a sales presentation. Maybe along the way, someone has told you to not just share the features of your p
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Share this with your team at your next meeting

If you’ve ever worked with a salesperson that does not listen, you know firsthand how frustrating it is. Whether you’re considering a large purchase like a car or a new home, or you’re
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Do You Like Me? Check Yes or No…

Open ended vs. closed questions—which is better? The right open-ended questions, asked at the right time, will encourage your prospect to open up and share vital information with you such
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