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The Three Things I wish I knew BEFORE Starting My Sales Career

Starting on a new career path can be intimidating. Today’s question is from our LinkedIn network, a college student in her last semester asked, “what are three things I wish I knew before getting into sales?” Learn from our CEO, Ben Hippeli, about 3 things he wished he knew before starting his sales career.

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The First 60 Seconds of Your Sales Interview

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Research shows that hiring managers decide if you’ll get the 2nd interview within the first 60 seconds of meeting you. Learn how you can prepare and maximize your first minute of meeting the hiring manager.

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How to Prepare for Your Sales Interview: Part 1

Sales interviews are different from any other interviews–so you better prepare the right way. In this video, learn the three steps you have to take in order to ACE your sales interview and start the sales career you deserve.

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How to Answer the Interview Question: Tell me about yourself

You finally got the interview for the job that’s going to take your career to the next level. You’ve made it through the lobby holding doors for people and even made some great small talk with the receptionist. Then, you finally get to meet with the hiring manager. In most interviews, the hiring manager is likely to start off with asking you, “Tell me about yourself.” That seems like an easy question, but there is a catch….

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How to Answer Behavioral Event Interview Questions

Your sales interview is one of the most important sales of your career… and your destiny is tied to the hiring manager feeling confident that you can succeed in the role… that’s why you have to show up prepared for those complex interview questions.

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3 Ways to Connect During Your Sales Interview

During your sales interview, your future employer needs to clearly understand how your skills, strengths, and experience will deliver success in the position – and the responsibility to make that connection is 100% on your shoulders.

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Benchmark InterviewACE

Benchmark’s effective training program delivers real-life tactics with Emotional Intelligence based drills and takes the training beyond the classroom to assure sales and customer service teams gain effective and long-term behaviors that will directly contribute to the bottom line.

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How Do I Select the Right Job Offer?

It might feel good to get multiple job offers, but narrowing it down to one can be difficult. Our CEO, Ben Hippeli, and guest host Jeff Harden provide insight and advice on how you can select the right company for your next opportunity.

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