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Profound Results When Team Members Are Treated Differently.

As leaders, understanding the natural communication style of each team member is game changing.  And that’s because it increases team connectivity and functionality

Knowing your employees’ communication style helps you:

  • Communicate clearly.
  • Motivate effectively.
  • Understand team members’ fears and frustrations.

Connectivity and Functionality.

Each team member brings a unique set of communication superpowers to the team.  And it’s the leader’s responsibility to maximize each superpower to help the team function effectively.  

Along with each superpower, comes blind spots that can reduce connectivity throughout the team.  Here’s the good news.  So, when the superpowers of each team member connect throughout the team, the blind spots are minimized, and functionality is stronger.

And that’s how teams become stronger. When the leader helps orchestrate this balance between the superpowers and blind spots of each team member.


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When leaders know what motivates each team member, they can structure conversations around what is important to each specific style. 

For example: a team member that is motivated by opportunities to try new things may be best suited to test out a pilot program in your company.  Moreover, a team member who likes consistency, would be better suited to maintain a relationship with a long-term customer. 

Fears & Frustrations

Finally, each communication style will have unique fears in the workplace and will get frustrated from different scenarios based on these fears.

That’s why some employees appreciate being thanked and noticed during a team meeting, while others prefer not to receive such a spotlight.  So, if the team lead treats everyone the same she’s not going to get the results she’s hoping for.


You can decipher someone’s communication style through observation during interactions. Or you can use an assessment tool such as DISC Assessment.

DISC Assessment is an easy-to-use tool that provides users with insight to their natural, and adjusted, communication style.

When each member completes the assessment, the group will gain access to an array of reports and visuals that help map out the communication superpowers and blind spots of the team.  

Spending just a few minutes a week talking through the information opens the floodgates to productive interactions with the team. Doing so will also help minimize frustrations in even the toughest scenarios.

How can Benchmark Training Help Your Team?

Benchmark Training specializes in building a culture of profitability through people development®.

Whether you are empowering your team leaders or nurturing frontline team members, our programs instill confidence and provide the necessary skills to navigate challenges effectively.

By harnessing the power of effective communication and team connectivity, Benchmark Training equips your team with a strategic advantage.

When every team member feels capable and prepared to tackle their unique goals, your organization gains a competitive edge that cannot be easily replicated by competitors.

We are here to help you pave the way for success, one productive interaction at a time!