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The Two Most Important Traits In Sales

There are many traits and skills that make up a successful sales professional, but there are two key traits that every effective sales professional possess. Don’t worry, if these two traits aren’t your strongest, there are ways to build them up!

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3 Ways to Improve Your Executive Presence in a Sales Meeting

Many open sales positions require more than just sales experience. Hiring managers are looking for specific traits that are proven to lead to success in sales. Executive presence is on of the most important sales traits hiring managers search for when hiring sales professionals.

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The Sales Process

Part of sales is presenting and pitching your solution to a prospect, but every good sales professional knows there’s more steps steps in the sales process. Learn about each step of the sales process and why it’s critical to complete each stage to close the sale.

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4 Ways to Build Trust with Sales Prospects Part 1 of 2

When meeting with a prospect, you have less than 60 seconds to start the trust building process and once you start, you have to work to maintain the trust second by second and for years to come.

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The Most Important Sales Skill

Sales is a very competitive industry and if there’s any way to gain a competitive advantage, you need to take it. There’s one skill that you need to master to be a successful sales person and if used correctly you’ll be able to build rapport, gain the prospect’s trust, and truly understand their needs.

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How to Use Body Language in Sales

Purchases are made based on some sort of decision making criteria… sometimes planned out ahead of time, sometimes not… and if you don’t fully understand how your prospect will make that decision… You may get told “No” for all the wrong reasons!

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3 Personas You Must Engage To Close The Sale

Sales professionals typically look at the buying decision for each persona in the simplest of terms: if the product has the features the prospect is looking for and the price is good, then the sale should happen. However, there are 3 essential personas with different needs that you need to engaged before closing the sale.

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The Right Sales F.I.T. For Your Prospects

You want to be sure that your prospect is the right fit for your solution. When you begin your productive conversation with a prospect, your goal is to gather key information, interrupt their current way of doing business that’s not working and help them transition to a better way of doing business.

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How Do I Make My Emails Sound Less Robotic?

Sending numerous cold emails out each day can be monotonous and tedious. You may find yourself sounding less genuine and sounding more and more robotic one after another. Ben Hippeli, our CEO, answers a recurring question sales professionals have and provides ways to sound more genuine with your prospects.

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3 Steps to Cold Calling Success

Not every sales professional is a fan of calling, in fact, approximately 48% of sales professionals are afraid of cold calling. Prospecting is critical to the survival of any business, and when it comes to making cold calls, you have to get your head in the game to see success!

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