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Get your Head in the Cold Calling Game

Cold calling doesn’t come naturally to everyone and can be daunting for some. It’s important that you’re in the right mindset before you start your cold calling process. Here are a couple tips and tricks to help you feel confident and prepared when you’re on the phone!

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3 Ways to Create Urgency in Sales

There are 3.5 Mission Critical Priorities, also known as MCPs, that all companies need to achieve in some capacity. As a sales professional, your job is to show your prospects how your solution will directly help achieve one or more of these priorities.

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How to Sell Beyond Features and Price

The art of sales goes far beyond the features and price you offer. When you begin your productive conversation with a prospect, your goal is to gather key information, interrupt their current way of doing business that’s not working, and help them transition to a better way of doing business.

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Navy Seals’ 4 Pillars of Mental Toughness in Sales

Throughout sales meetings and presentations, your audience will be reading your body language and making decisions about whether or not to trust you, whether or not you have their best interests in mind, and whether or not you’re going to follow through on your promises. Learn from our CEO, Ben Hippeli about implementing the Navy Seals’ 4 Pillars of Mental Toughness in your next sales pitch.

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How to Diagnose Why You’re Getting Sales Objections

If you’re seeing a pattern of the same objections coming up over and over again, it’s likely this pattern is stemming from 1 or 2 common problems: 1) weaknesses in your solution or 2) weaknesses in your sales presentation. On the brightside, you can address both of these problems with these steps.

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Three Ways to Advance Your Sales Meeting

Sometimes your prospect isn’t ready to close the sale. When that happens, you can find ways to advance the sale and keep the prospect engaged. The next time you meet with your prospect, you have to have a clear objective If not, as Yogi Berra once said, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.

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How to Build Trust with Clients and Prospects: Part 2

One of the most powerful ways to develop deep trust with prospect is to bring value to the relationship through various types of expertise. To emphasize how important expertise-based trust is in a relationship, consider the old saying, the proof is in the pudding is in the eating… commonly known as the proof is in the pudding.

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Closing the Sale is the Easy Part

Why do most sales training platforms focus on “the close”… there’s so much more to the sales process that makes the close the easiest part!

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Why is My Prospect Ghosting Me?

One thing that almost every sales person has experienced is a prospect ghosting them without explanation. Don’t feel discouraged when this happens to you. Our CEO, Ben Hippeli, goes into the details on why your prospect may be ghosting you and how you can prevent that.

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