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Rule #1, Be a Good Listener

We see this situation all too often; a company brings in a product expert to train the sales team on the new product lines rolling out next year, and the sales person is instantly ready to spew all the details out to the next customer they encounter. Essentially, they become a walking brochure.

What do the top performing sales people do with all this great information?

They memorize it, they practice saying it, practice when to say it, and they make it their own. Top performers know that there may be a chance when this new information could come in handy and they want to be prepared.

However, they also know, just like all the other sales skills they’ve honed over the years, that in order to best utilize these tactics, the first step is listening to the their customer.

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steve schiffman
October 24, 2017

very trite.

October 31, 2017

Steve, thanks for checking out the post.

While we agree this concept is not a new idea, unfortunately we find that not enough sales professionals are sticking with the basics.

In many cases, they start to complete sentences for the prospect, even if only in their head, and miss key information that could help them close the sale. So trite? Yes. Utilized? Not enough.

Thanks for sharing your insight!

October 25, 2017

I concur! I have a simple philosophy in sales. It only takes 2 things to be successful in Sales:

1. Listen
2 Follow-through!

Simple, listen to what your customer wants. The salesperson that can sell Ice to Eskimos is the same person what creates buyers remorse. If you listen to the customer you will know what their needs are. If your company has the correct “widget”, than follow-through!

October 31, 2017

Thanks for sharing your insight Bret. We always see things get overcomplicated out in the field, and that bogs things down. Keeping it simple like you have helps the sales team take action.

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